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Innovative solutions to avert medical inaccuracies

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Essential Pay

Companies that need EDI, online processing, marketing and eCommerce software.
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Social Media at is a tool that connects people to your business to friends, businesses your current market industry and more. With Essential Pay, customers are able to reach your natialally a globally.
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Empresas que necesitan EDI, procesamiento en línea, marketing y software de comercio electrónico.
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Social Media en es una herramienta que conecta a las personas con su negocio con amigos, negocios su industria de mercado actual y más. Con Essential Pay, los clientes pueden llegar a su natialally a nivel mundial.

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Effective Choice Solutions provide pharmaceutical products that fits the budgets of rural and under served environments. We are committed to providing personalized pharmacy services and practical therapeutic solutions to individuals, families, and institutions. We provide easier access to a comprehensive and individualized brand of health care that is guaranteed to achieve optimal results every time.

Some of our products are Bleaching creams, pain creams, and more...

Your community compound pharmacist

Effective Choice Solutions proporciona productos farmacéuticos que se ajustan a los presupuestos de entornos rurales y de bajo servicio. Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar servicios de farmacia personalizados y soluciones terapéuticas prácticas a individuos, familias e instituciones. Proporcionamos un acceso más fácil a una marca integral e individualizada de atención médica que está garantizada para lograr resultados Óptimos en todo momento.

Algunos de nuestros productos son cremas blanqueadoras, cremas para el dolor y más...

Su farmacéutico compuesto comunitario

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Custom Care Pharmacy is a growing and forward-moving company committed to providing personalized pharmacy services and practical therapeutic solutions to individuals, families, and institutions.

Former Mayor David Allen
Affordable Legal Advice.
Legal advice at a price you can afford. We all could use legal services at some point.
Mr. Legal premiere partner portal
For a low monthly suscription fee, legal advice is just a phone call away.
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PMAC Software

We have experienced software that will give you the opportunity to be more efficient. We can also provide EDI/Online ecommerce for those needing to do business online. Online business applications.

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Biscayne Funding
Providing investment funding to medical providers that take government & commercial insurances.

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561 business development
Consultant & business development for small companies
We have partnered with Essential Pay to deliver social media marketing, software dvelopment, teleHealth, printing & more to help your company grow.


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Mini clinic and preventative care facility. We deliver organic health services to rural underserved communities. Many of our services are delivered via telehealth provided by VerdureLink, a Verdure Solutions digital network. Services we provide in our facility are Annual Wellness Visit, Health Risk Assessments, Dried Blood Specimen, Eligibility of Benefits for providers and more. Visit our pandemic facility near you.
Your preventative Provider
Consultor y desarrollo de negocios para pequeñas empresas. Nos hemos asociado con Essential Pay para entregar marketing en redes sociales, dvelopment de software, teleSalud, impresión y más para ayudar a su empresa a crecer Su proveedor preventivo

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TeleHealth for rural & underserved communties.

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