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Innovative solutions to avert medical inaccuracies

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Protection for your family, your business & your personal identity.

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Tools we use to protect you
secure your future - David Allen, CITRMS (Tel: (323)646-9818)

Gun Owner Supplement
Gun ownership means more liability

Owning guns increases the potential liability of our members. To better protect yourself and your family, consider adding LegalShield's Gun Owner Supplement.
* Phone consultations and 24/7 emergency access
* Trial defense services on civil and criminal lawsuits
* NFA Gun Trust services

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Trial Defense Supplement

Be prepared with more attorney time.

All LegalShield Personal Plans include trial defense services. However, since trials can quickly become complicated, we've created a Trial Defense Supplement to give our members extra trial defense time. You can get 100 more hours of attorney time to defend you at trial!
* Attorney representation and consultation
* Trial time, pre-trial hours and trial hours
* 25% discounts

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Home Business Supplement
You don't have to run your business alone!

Our Home Business Supplement gives you access to legal support so you can have peace of mind. Focus on working your business while LegalShield focuses on protecting your legal needs and rights.
* Unlimited consultation
* IRS Audit services
* Letters, phone calls and collection letters.

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Ride Share Delivery Supplement
Protect your driving record and your livelihood

When you drive for a living, the chances of receiving a ticket go up exponentially. Paying fines cuts into your income and points on your driving record can disqualify you from working for popular rideshare and delivery services.
* Unlimited calls and consultation
* Document review to protect you
* 25% discounts on legal matters outside of your plan.

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Former Mayor David Allen
Affordable Legal Advice.
Legal advice at a price you can afford. We all could use legal services at some point.
Mr. Legal - Welcome to my premiere partners portal
For a low monthly suscription fee, legal advice is just a phone call away.
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Phone Consultation
Receive phone consultation on an unlimited number of legal matters.
25% Discounts
All other legal services can be obtained for 25% off your provider's hourly fees. Protect your livelihood for a fraction of normal attorney fees.
IRS Audit Services
Receive legal services if audited by the IRS on your personal tax return for issues related to your ride share and delivery income.

Attorney Representation
Your membership includes representation by a provider if you are named a defendant in a civil suit.
Attorney Representation
If the vehicle you depend on to earn a living is damaged by a passenger or other third party, you get up to 2.5 hours for your attorney to consult with you, conduct research and review documents relating to recovering damages (up to $5,000).
Moving Violations
Have a provider represent and defend you in court for moving violations related to accidents that occur.

- Reduce revisits to hospitals -

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